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¿No has sabido?

This song started life in Spanish featuring on the Hechas Nuevas (New Creation) CD by Arco Iris de Esperanza (Rainbows of Hope) in Spain. This song is easy to teach in a church with its echo pattern. The text is taken from the Old Testament book of the prophet Isaiah (40:28).

It was translated into English more recently. Check out the English version on this album: “Have You Not Heard?”

Style: Contemporary with Latin lilt
Language: Spanish
Composer: Paul Harvey, Spain, 2002
Arranger: Adolfo Rivero
Recorded: Spain, 2002
Producer: Adolfo Rivero
Vocals: Arco Iris de Esperanza, Spain
Contact for track: Paul Harvey
Full title: ¿No Has Sabido? (“Have You Not Heard?”)
Local title: ¿No has sabido?
Copyright: ©2013 WEC International
Copyright of original: ©2002 Paul M Harvey

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