Elfi Bohl Appropriate Use Kora

Elfi Bohl

Elfi learned to play the Kora (21-stringed West African harp-lute, mainly known among the Mande speaking peoples of West Africa), since 1998. She has composed songs based on scripture, using traditional melodies, accompanied by the Kora. She uses it with African brothers and sisters, especially musicians, to share with them their heart music, and to encourage them to worship Jesus with music of their own cultures.
Many of them reacted very positively to hearing the Gospel for the first time, because they would say things like “The Kora is an instrument we have to respect and listen to. It is part of our history and culture. There is always truth in what is communicated. The melodies are well known, but the words are new to us. They are words of blessing and we feel warm and peaceful in our hearts while we listen.”

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