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This is an uplifting praise song to Jesus, "You are unique and indescribably good". Dario included this track on his album "Qunundgroosse - No. ONE".

He produced it in Germany before he spent a year volunteering with WEC UK at their Leeds Centre. There, Dario was involved in more recording, including other tracks on this album ("Inspire Us", "Have You Not Heard?" and "There's a Day").

Style: German Worship
Language: German
Composer: Dario Große
Recorded: 2010
Producer: Dario Große, Amadeus Sektas, www.music-mix.de
Vocals: Dario Große
Instruments: Dario Große (guitars), Tobias Kuhn (drums, percussion)
Contact for track: Resonance UK
Full title: Einzigartig (“Unique”)
Local title: Einzigartig
Copyright: ©2010 Dario Große
Translation: Dario Große
Copyright of original: ©2010 Dario Große
Web: Facebook

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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