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Contigo eu vou (With You I'll Go)

Contrary to popular belief, Indigenous peoples in Brazil are not disappearing, in spite of rapid cultural changes and many outside pressures. Indigenous people today are striving to maintain the cultural identities they are proud of while also seeking education, health care and political rights within the Brazilian state. Though they represent less than one percent of Brazil's total population, the more than 360 Indigenous Nations are growing more rapidly than the country as a whole, and now number just under one million. Sadly, many of the 200 languages currently spoken are falling out of use.

Many Indigenous Christians experience shame, fear or hesitation in using their own musical styles due to a history of violence and prejudice. However, there are some who are choosing to share newly composed contextualized songs that God has given them, believing others should know there is no contradiction in being both Indigenous and Christian. This example demonstrates a song composed in the Mehinako language and musical style.


Contigo eu Vou | Letras e Música: Kayuna Mehinako

Pitsenu Niyali (3x)

Tradução: Contigo eu vou

With You I'll Go

Namula pitsu Yesusi

Tradução: Você é meu Rei, Jesus

You are my King, Jesus

Pakihitxalata natu (2x)

Tradução: Me dá força

Give me strength

Maka niyãka piyayaka, Katapühü Waitseku

Tradução: Para anunciar a tua palavra a todas as nações

To announce your word to the nations

Putata Künaliku, pükakawakapai enutaku

Tradução: Vão saber que Tu existe no céu

They will know You exist in heaven


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