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Tu es le Dieu Fidèle

This lively number could be used in children's ministry in French or English speaking settings. It is a catchy, bouncy song on the faithfulness of God written by a WEC France family who grew up in France and have a children's music ministry.

Style: Children's praise
Language: French
Composer: Marc and Rachel Paton, France, 2007
Arranger: Marc Paton
Recorded: Wintersbrook Studio, Oxford, England, 2011
Producer: Nigel Jones
Vocals: Marc, Rachel, Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin and Naomi Paton
Instruments: Frédéric Lecoustre (keyboard), Marc Paton (guitars)
Instruments (ctd): Nigel Jones (bass, electric guitar and drum programming)
Contact for track: Marc Paton
Full title: Tu Es Le Dieu Fidèle (“You are the Faithful God”)
Local title: Tu Es Le Dieu Fidèle
Copyright: ©2007, Marc et Rachel Paton
Copyright admin: Administré par LTC 14-16 Avenue de la République 94000 CRETEIL
Translation: Marc Paton
Copyright of original: ©2007, Marc et Rachel Paton

Photo Credit: Pexels

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