Djembe 2413970

Jisal Yéesu, jicim kareesool

WEC missionary Neil Barker recorded these songs in the context of specially arranged song writing workshops, based at a local WEC-related church. The workshops were publicised to other neighbouring churches with Jola believers (both Fogny and Kaasa). The songs were accompanied by drums; often different djembes (drums) were used. As with so many groups that use their heart music to worship God, when these songs are used the praise seems to 'take off', and no one can keep still!

For more information about these songs, please contact Neil Barker.

Style: Jola
Language: Jola Fogny
Composer: Jola Fogny believers
Recorded: Senegal (date unknown)
Vocals: Jola Fogny believers
Backing Vocals: Neil Barker
Instruments: djembes (drums)
Contact for track: composer c/o Resonance office
Full title: Jisal Yéesu, jicim kareesool (Praise Jesus, sing his name)
Local title: Jisal Yéesu, jicim kareesool
Copyright: ©2002 Neil Barker

(Picture Credit: Pixabay)

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