An World Worship 2016 Hr

Multicultural Worship Day

Who is the course for?

The Multicultural Worship Day is for anyone interested in learning more about the relationship between music, worship and culture.

What is the programme?

We will take you on a journey to understand more about the importance of “ heart music” and how you can identify with it. We will help you understand the heart music of other cultures and how you can use this knowledge for the benefit of worship in your church or ministry setting. We hope this will enable you to draw closer to God and see the possibility of new forms of worship that fully express the identity of your congregation.

Topics include:

Heart music Multicultural forms of worship Global song workshops Musical ensembles Multicultural worship discussions Global worship celebration

Why not take this opportunity to listen as Ian Collinge (Associate Lecturer) and Jill Ford, Arts tutor at All Nations, share about Hope for the future of worship in the UK:

When & Where

  • All Nations Christian College

    This event has passed
    All Nations Easneye Ware Herts SG12 8LX

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